Friday, October 22, 2004

I know I'm spending ahead of the curve, but we've started really enjoying a bottle of wine at dinner every night. We're just learning, so I've tried my share of bad wine, but we're at the point where there are a few wines to begin to stockpile.

So of course, I go to the web to find what's out there, but I only know, the old Virtual Vineyard. Only they don't have the inventory I'm looking for and it's not much cheaper than my local winestore.

But then I find and it's awesome. Even googling for online wine was too much for me, searching but not finding. But here's a site that gets you exactly what you want in seconds.

It must be new, because there are no referrer links in Google yet, but it's my find of the day!


Blogger Foo Yung Chang said...

wine-searcher has been around for years and the people who run are watch out for wine consumers in more ways than one. Another site for serious wine connoisseurs is

8:55 PM  

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