Friday, March 17, 2006

Y Combinator Launches (so far)

I just love what Paul Graham is doing with Y Combinator, and if I weren't just a "useless" business guy, I'd jump right it.

Anyway, I really like Reddit because it strikes the right balance of tech/non-tech articles and there is always something interesting to read there.

It seems to me the pace of launches is picking up and it will be interesting to see how the various companies fare. However, I haven't seen a comprehensive list of Y Combinator launches out, so I thought I put one together.

Infogami (merged with Reddit)

It seems like the Winter Founders program has yielded more launches than the previous Summer Founders program, but that's to be expected given that Summer was the first one.

The ones I give the most chances of success to are Reddit and ClickFacts, which is in a great position to capture dollars from a hypergrowth market. It's like that old saying that half of your advertising works and half is wasted, but you don't know which half. With Adwords, it's the same (maybe it's 10% that's wasted here) and advertisers will spend an irrational amount of money trying to squeeze out that last bit of inefficiency.

My personal take is that clickfraud is like "shrinkage" in retailing: it's unavoidable, a cost of doing business and you'll never stop all of it, but somehow you make money anyways. What Google needs to do is come up with a better word for it. "Shrinkage" is better than "stealing," "pro-choice" is better than pro-abortion, so there should be some word that the industry can use better than "clickfraud".

Enough digression.

Let me know if I missed any. It would be helpful also to know about any failed companies.


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