Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Google Stock Site makes Sense for me

With all respect to Om, Paul and Charlene, I don't think it takes much to switch finance sites, even for small improvements.

Google Finance does the job for 90% of what I want from a stock site, with only the lack of portfolio support as a major functionality gap. Unless you are going to enter into a transaction like getting a mortgage or exchanging currency, most of the offerings of Yahoo Finance, which I still use constantly, are just like Edward Tufte"chart junk", distracting, irrelevant and unnecessary.

No, mostly what I want to figure out is where a stock is, where it has been and why. So tying news on a company to the stock chart is key for most of the time I spend and that is exactly what Google Finance delivers.

The big question is more whether this is a beta product that will languish like so many other worthy Google projects, or whether it will continue to improve. Comparing the just launched Google offering to Yahoo is shortsighted if Google can focus for once to make it's offering clearly superior. What notable improvements has Yahoo Finance made in the last, say two years?

Since the Google product manager, Katie Jacobs Stanton, comes from Yahoo Finance as reported by John Battelle on Searchblog, I give Google Finance good odds over time.

I am willing to wait because until now, there really hasn't been an alternative.


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