Thursday, March 09, 2006

Smart move on settlement, but there's too much noise in the market

Very good outcome to the clickfraud lawsuit that just shows how weak the class action case was to begin with. Sure, $90 million i s a lot of money, but it's much less than 1% of ad spending as Google claims.

With this, Google gets a lot done:

1. Puts a low percentage on clickfraud
2. Removes a legal cloud over their earnings
3. Sets a good precedent for future issues
4. Most importantly learns enough to further mitigate legal issues in the future.

Most important, it's $90 million in credits. You know that trick, you have to spend more to use them! That's otherwise known as backlog.

In the meantime, the market won't recognize the significant value of this settlement until all the other extraneous noise about leaked presentations, calendar, etc. dies down.


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