Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Syncrhonized Firefox with Foldershare

I realized that I was suffering from split personality when I switched among three computers that I use, plus a portable version of my online life I put on a USB flash drive I use for travelling.

So after keeping up the juggling act of re-personalizing my buttons and bookmarks on an almost daily basis, I decided to try to simply use portable firefox (customized with all my must have greasemonkey enhancements) from a FolderShare folder instead. Foldershare is already an amazing convenience with drag and drop ease for any documents that I need to synchronize among work, home and mobile, immediately available.

Then, whenever I want to travel lite (that means not lugging a notebook computer around - mostly because I know there will be a decent setup at my destination mostly likely in Asia) I can just copy my app folder to my USB flash and be ultra-mobile.

I'm already using Web-based apps like writely and gmail and they are more than good, but without my browser setup the way I want it, I'm still not productive enough.

Let me know what works for you.


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