Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Media piqued at Google . . . for being Google

It's an interesting point in Om's post about Google wasting Genius Cycles, but much of the talk is short term thinking.

To me the key is whether Google will can convert innovation into success to be come the un-Xerox Parc. I don't know if they even know what the results will be, but they're making the highly logical bet that:

bigger brains x faster cycle times = more raw material for success

Then it's up to the corporate "GOOG" to monetize, but more importantly not to miss a huge opportunity.

There's in interesting parallel to MSFT here. Are they sorry they aren't the first to market in any of the markets they're in?

Nope! And Google isn't either.

Google suffers from a (self-made) PR problem of being innovative as to execution but a follower with regard to new concepts. The media can's separate the two concepts.


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