Tuesday, November 30, 2004

First Snapshot of Snap Financials

SiliconBeat has reported on the Idealab search engine Snap's financial transparency. While it's easy to take a pot shot at the relatively low dollars and traffic they are reporting, I give Snap credit for a quick start out of the gate.

After all, the relevant comparison is with Google or Jeeves in they're first month after launch. On that metric, I'm sure Snap compares favorably.

Gotta give credit to Bill for trying something new that enhances the user experiences, too. He's no fool in launching at Web 2.0, which got Snap huge national coverage. I know that's where I first heard about it and gave it a try.

I think Snap finds it's niche of devotees who like the transparency concept and aren't loyal to another search.

Whether this makes for a good investment is another question altogether . . .